Long Term Rental Property Management San Mateo


Premier Long Term Rental Property Management Services San Mateo Overview

Experience seamless and efficient services with long term property management San Mateo.  From tenant screening and lease agreement management to rent collection and property maintenance coordination, we handle every aspect of managing your long-term rental. With our expertise and dedication, you can enjoy a hassle-free and profitable rental experience.



  • Maximizing Online Presence: Strategic online listings and targeted advertising campaigns maximize exposure for your long-term rental property, reaching a wide audience of prospective tenants.
  • Top Quality Marketing: Professional photography, compelling descriptions, and thorough rental market analysis ensure that your property stands out in the market and attracts qualified long-term tenants.
  • Comprehensive Management: Our proactive marketing approach, including leveraging our extensive network and conducting comprehensive tenant screenings, ensures that we find reliable tenants and keep your property occupied.
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  • Credit Check: We run a credit check to assess the applicant’s credit history, reviewing their debt-to-income ratio, current and closed accounts, and looking for positive credit indicators.

  • Income and Employment Verification: We verify the applicant’s current income and employment to ensure they have the financial means to meet their rental obligations.

  • Rental History Check: We contact the applicant’s current and/or previous landlord to verify their rental history, ensuring they have a positive track record of being a responsible tenant.

  • Identification and Social Security Verification: We require government-issued identification and verify the applicant’s social security number to ensure their identity and protect against fraud.

  • National Eviction Search: We conduct a comprehensive national eviction search to identify any previous evictions or rental-related issues that may impact the applicant’s suitability as a tenant.

  • Pet Documentation (if applicable): If pets are allowed, we request necessary paperwork, such as vaccination records or pet agreements, to ensure compliance with pet-related policies.



  • Timely Rent Collection: We ensure the efficient collection of rent payments from tenants, implementing a reliable and streamlined process to minimize delays.
  • Multiple Payment Options: We offer convenient payment options for tenants, including online portals and various payment methods, making it easy for them to submit their rent on time.
  • Late Payment Management: In case of late payments, we have established policies and procedures to address the situation promptly, including reminders, late fees, and necessary follow-ups.
  • Automated Systems: Our property management system utilizes automated rent collection processes, providing accurate tracking of payments and generating detailed reports for easy monitoring.
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  • Proactive Maintenance: We prioritize proactive maintenance to identify and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the long-term integrity and value of your rental property.
  • Timely Repairs: Our dedicated team promptly responds to maintenance requests from tenants, ensuring that repairs are carried out efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Reliable Vendor Network: We have a network of trusted and reliable vendors, contractors, and service providers who are readily available to address any maintenance needs, ensuring quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions for your long-term rental property.




  • Rent Collection and Processing: We handle the collection and processing of rent payments from tenants, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial transaction process.
  • Payment of Maintenance Vendor Bills: We take care of paying maintenance vendor bills on your behalf, ensuring timely payment and accurate record-keeping for all maintenance-related expenses.
  • Owner Statement and Direct Deposit: We provide detailed monthly owner statements that outline all financial activities related to your property, including rent collected, expenses incurred, and payments made. Additionally, we offer direct deposit via ACH processing, allowing for seamless and secure transfer of funds directly to your designated bank account.
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  • Rigorous Tenant Screening: Our thorough tenant screening process includes evaluating credit scores, income verification, employment history, and past rental references, significantly minimizing the risk of potential evictions.
  • Collaborative Effort: In the unfortunate event that eviction becomes necessary, we collaborate closely with your attorney, providing them with all the necessary information and documentation to facilitate a successful eviction process.
  • Proactive Measures: While we strive to prevent evictions through careful tenant selection, we are prepared to take prompt and decisive action if issues arise, ensuring that your interests as a property owner are protected and the eviction process is handled efficiently.