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Nestled in San Mateo County, Colma is a quaint town with a rich history and a tight-knit community. Its proximity to San Francisco and major highways makes it an attractive location for commuters and families alike. Despite its small size, Colma’s real estate market is dynamic, offering a range of housing options from cozy apartments to spacious single-family homes.

In Colma, the rental situation is influenced by its convenient location and growing population. With demand steadily increasing, property management plays a crucial role in maximizing returns and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

PMI Bay Property Management specializes in navigating the unique challenges of the Colma rental market. Their comprehensive services, including marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, and property maintenance, are tailored to meet the needs of landlords in Colma.

With PMI Bay’s expertise and personalized approach, landlords can trust that their Colma properties are in capable hands. Whether you own a single rental property or a portfolio of investments, PMI Bay Property Management is committed to delivering exceptional service and maximizing returns in Colma’s competitive rental market.

Let PMI Bay Property MGMT Manage Your Colma Rental Property


Elevate Your Colma Rental Property Management Experience Owning a residential rental property offers lucrative returns but often brings headaches. Let our expert Colma property managers save you time and money.

The Key Lies in Our Method.


PMI Bay Property MGMT’s residential property managers implement a proven 4 steps process throughout the rental cycle, optimizing marketability and rental pricing. Plus, our licensed and insured vendors handle all maintenance needs. Trust in our method and relish the peace of mind that comes with effective property management.

With assets exceeding $5 billion under management, PMI Bay Property MGMT excels in residential property management. Our “Prepare” process involves comprehensive property analysis and inspection, with recommendations and repairs to optimize market appeal. We arrange professional photography, signage, and lock boxes for maximum showings, followed by syndicated network advertising locally and nationally.

Key Features:

Property Walkthrough

  • Professional high-quality photography
  • Detailed property description
  • Secure property access

Extensive PMI Bay Property MGMT listing network

  • Active listings on numerous reputable platforms
  • Tailored and captivating property descriptions
  • Extensive and impactful marketing efforts

Maximize Your Rental Revenue

  • Comprehensive evaluation and pricing utilizing advanced data analysis S
  • Suggestions for property enhancements to enhance profitability
  • Outstanding maintenance and property protection program

After preparing the property, we meticulously select a qualified tenant in compliance with Fair Housing laws. Our process begins with a professional showing system, offering self-showing and 24/7 online access, with stringent requirements such as driver’s license and credit card verification. Applicants undergo thorough screening using cutting-edge technology. At PMI Redwood Realty, our priority remains signing the lease and ensuring prompt occupancy without compromising on quality or compliance.

Property Showings 

  • Implementation of a professional showing system
  • Options for both in-person and self-showings for pre-screened prospective tenants
  • Ensured safety and reliability during property walkthroughs

Tenant Screening and Approval Process

  • Utilization of advanced screening techniques to mitigate risk and optimize occupancy and rental income
  • Approvals adhere to fair housing regulations, credit reporting standards, and privacy protocols

Lease Execution 

  • Streamlined electronic leasing procedure for expedited lease signings and tenant transitions


  • Accelerated property occupancy
  • Decreased risk of identity fraud
  • Placement of the most highly qualified tenants

PMI Bay Property MGMT safeguards your investment by offering comprehensive property management services, including top-notch accounting, maintenance, and communication. We prioritize on-time rent collection and treat your property as if it were our own. Owners receive funds promptly by the 10th of each month, along with detailed expense and accounting statements, including tax documentation. Our licensed and insured vendors handle all maintenance needs efficiently.

Lease Management

  • Timely rent collection
  • Properties managed with care and attention
  • Support for tenant compliance

Accounting Services

  • Prompt delivery of owner funds
  • Detailed expense receipts
  • Accurate real-time statements
  • End-of-year and 1099 tax reporting

Property Maintenance

  • Pre-tenant move-in review
  • Annual or semi-annual property inspections
  • Final walkthroughs to ensure property integrity

The culmination of our Ready, Select, Protect approach yields a high-caliber tenant poised to renew their lease, thereby amplifying your investment returns. Our renewal process initiates 90 days ahead, evaluating tenant payment history, property condition, and conducting a market analysis to ensure optimal rental pricing.

Results and Enhancements Evaluation

  • 60-day advance renewal process
  • Analysis of tenant payment track record
  • Assessment of property condition
  • Market analysis based on comparables

Support for New Lease and Tenants

  • 60-day advance marketing for new leases
  • Property preparation for rental readiness

How much rent can you get for your Colma investment? Find out now!


As Your Colma Property Manager, We Go Beyond Just Securing Excellent Tenants

Bay Area Property Management Property Marketing


Our goal is to swiftly identify the ideal tenant for your property, employing our effective marketing strategies to attract top-tier applicants.

Bay Area Property Management Tenant Screening


Each application undergoes meticulous screening, including comprehensive background and financial checks, ensuring the safeguarding of your interests.

Bay Area Property Management Rent Collection


Securing your rent payment promptly shouldn’t be uncertain. We manage all billing processes and prioritize timely disbursement of your funds.

Bay Area Property Management Property Maintenance


Our goal is to swiftly identify the ideal tenant for your property, employing our effective marketing strategies to attract top-tier applicants.

Bay Area Property Management Accounting and Financial Reporting


PMI Bay Property Management offers owners accurate and hassle-free accounting services, including monthly reports and convenient access to our reporting dashboard at any time.

Bay Area Property Management Evictions


Should a tenant relationship sour, we handle the eviction process on your behalf, mitigating its impact on your financial interests.

Bay Area Property Management Property Inspections


Through regular in-person inspections, we proactively detect potential issues in advance, ensuring the ongoing health and maintenance of your home.

Bay Area Property Management Legal Compliance


We keep a vigilant eye on the ever-changing laws and insurance regulations affecting your property, ensuring strict legal compliance at all times.

Bay Area Property Management Home Watch


For owners of secondary residences seeking peace of mind, rest assured that your property will be diligently monitored and maintained in your absence.

Want to Maximize Your Colma Rental Property Revenue?


Rest Easy Knowing Your Colma Rental Is Protected

Bay Area Property Management 21 day guarantee


Our commitment: Secure a high-quality tenant for your rental property within 21 days, or we’ll waive the first month of management fees!

Bay Area Property Management Eviction guarantee


Should a tenant placed by PMI Bay Property MGMT require eviction, rest assured we manage the entire process, covering associated costs or fees up to $2,000.

Bay Area Property Management On-time rent payment guarantee


Our guarantee: Prompt payment processing ensures your owner’s payment reaches your account within ten business days of the tenant’s rent payment. If not, we’ll refund you the month’s management fee.

Bay Area Property Management Happiness guarantee


You can cancel your property management agreement with 30 days’ notice, without any penalty, if you’re not entirely satisfied with our services for any reason.

Bay Area Property Management Pet guarantee


Many property owners may not realize the advantages of allowing pets on their premises. Permitting tenants to have pets can enhance the value of their real estate investment significantly.

Bay Area Property Management Results guarantee


At PMI Bay Property MGMT, our payment is tied to your success. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to your interests, ensuring you don’t pay until you see results.

Bay Area Property Management Leasing Guarantee


You shouldn’t have to incur double costs when seeking a new tenant for your property. With our leasing guarantee, if a tenant fails to fulfill at least nine months of the lease term, we’ll find you a new tenant at no additional charge.

PMI Bay Property Management: Trust Us with Your Colma Property.

Whether you’ve intentionally left a property vacant, like a vacation home, or have been tasked with managing an estate after a family member’s passing, we recognize the significance of maintaining your unoccupied property. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we ensure your additional property remains in top-notch condition.

Reach out to PMI Bay Property Management today to discover how we can support your property management needs.